We offer a full range of high quality Exterior Painting services to protect and beautify your home and business. Our goal is to provide exceptional results through recommending the right products for your project, thorough surface preparation, and expert finish application. We strive to use the best materials possible on every surface we paint. The following are the typical preparation and application details included.

  • Apply mildewcide/bleach solution and pressure-wash all surfaces to be painted
  • Allow 1-2 weeks to dry out after pressure-wash
  • Caulking inspection and repair as necessary using 60yr elastomeric caulking
  • Scrape back loose and failing paint
  • Prime all raw wood
  • Mask or cover all items, surfaces, and landscaping not being painted
  • Apply 25+ yr finish specified in estimate
  • Clean up and haul off project generated debris

We offer a 3 year craftsmanship warranty for 1 coat painting applications and a 5 year craftsmanship warranty for 2 coats.

Protecting the exterior surfaces of your home or business from the elements here in the Northwest can be challenging to manage. We suggest that you (or we if you call for an assessment/estimate) survey the exterior of your home and if you/we encounter any of the following failures consider utilizing our services.

  • Caulking shrinkage and split-out around windows, doors, and siding seams
  • Split or worn through coatings
  • Loose or failing paint on siding, trim, or fascia boards
  • Moss and/or Mildew growth
  • Raw wood visible on siding or trim
  • Fading or oxidation in areas that get more sun exposure
  • You dislike the color and want a new one counts too!

If any or all of these failures are evident please submit a free Estimate Request or Call Us Today!